The Hungarian genset


Czech/Slovakian distributor continues to penetrate local market - August-November 2021

Two pieces of 150kVA (ESP) gensets were delivered to our Czech/Slovakian distributor. One of them shall be hand operated on a farm in Slovakia.
The other shall act as stand-by (to supply electricity in case of grid power outage) at a bioethanol plant.

82kVA genset to Slovenia - November 2021

An 82kVA (ESP) genset was delivered to our Slovenian distributor who installed it as a stand-by unit, to supply electricity in case of grid power outage.

Market leading Turkish genset manufacturer revisits LogSol to offer cooperation agreement - October 2021

Representatives of EU branch of Turkish genset manufacturer visited headquarters & production facilities of LogSol in Hungary, Szabadbattyan. The possibility of a cooperation agreement in the EU-region was considered.



LogSol continues to supply gensets for Slovenian-Croatian border stations - June-July 2021

Four pieces of 15kVA (ESP) gensets were delivered to our Slovenian distributor, who installed them on four different custom/patrol stations on the Slovenian-Croatian border.
Based on the request of our distributor, the gensets were manufactured with 24-hour fuel tank, ecological basin, and integrated onboard ATS.
This delivery was a part of a project/cooperation started in 2019, with the goal to provide reliable genset back-up for the border station offices.
Next delivery is expected in 2022.

Short visits at Turkish partners - June 2021

Mrs. Krisztina Kovacs & Mr. Zsolt Varga (owners) visited Turkish partners. The main goal of the visits was to open ways for new business, and further improve existing business.

We took another step abroad and launched a genset to Slovakia!

Since 2017, we have been in business connection with a Slovak engineering company whose technical colleagues have already attended our technical training and received a diploma at the end of their education. According to their promises, we will be having more offers next year and hope to place orders with us!